Front-end webdevelopment

Paintings and drawings

You can read and look at some more artwork on my blog.

I get inspired by:

Science (math, biology and physics). Small things (bugs, stones, dried up flowers, etc.).

Painters like Dali, Carravaggio and van Gogh. Spending my time roaming through wikipedia, reading about dinosaurs, enjoying comics.

Going on cultural vacations, to museums, listen to obscure music and being in nature.

A picture of me.

Hi, I am sanne and I am a interaction designer. The main thing I do is storytelling. This can be in the most classic sense, like writing a story, but also explaining complex data by visualising it or building an interface for it.

To do this I use techniques from Interaction Design and various media like painting, writing en web-technologies to tell them.

To read more about what I have done and where I worked in the past just head over to my online CV

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